Monday, May 31, 2010

Trek to Nagalapuram-05/30/2010

I had registered with CTC(chennai trekking club) for quite sometime now. But so far haven’t got an opportunity to join them. Fortunately made it for social trek to nagalapuram with some of the kids from premavsam home on 05/30/2010. We were asked to assemble near koyambedu by 5.20am. I kept my alarms by 4.20 in cell phones, actually I kept two alarms, as I very well knew I would snooze it and doze off. Managed to get up early and reached koyambedu by 5.20. My dad dropped me. He felt very in secured, though I explained him so much about CTCs, as like any other parent, he asked questions like – how will you go with strangers?, is it safe etc etc..Convinced him to an extent. After meeting the people there, he felt bit comfortable, but I could see him take a note of the vehicle numbers..I was wondering, what if someone else notices that, wont they think bad??..But that’s the parental thing..
We started from koyambedu and reached the home at porur in some half an hour time. I met my other friends at the same place. As soon as we entered, it was so moving to see the kid’s excitement. They were jumping with joy.. All kids were rushing towards balaji(calling him balaji anna..vanga..)..he was crowded with some 10 kids, they were holding his hands and happily welcoming him to their home.. Next favorite person in the group for the kids is peter was awesome to witness..We took the kids , and headed towards nagala. Its roughly 125kms from chennai. In the midway we have a place called utukotai, where we stopped for breakfast. All were given idli parcels, with tasty sambars..After breakfast we resumed our travel and in some one hr drive reached nagalauram
By then sun was straight above our head. Caps were distributed to the kids. Food packets were distributed for lunch, which we were asked to keep in our bags. Each trekker was given a responsibility of taking care of the kid. But it was just the other way. A kid named balaji accompanied me, but my walking speed was too slow for him, and he almost ran away from me., initially there was no shade, and we were walking under the sun for 1 hr. All were asked to apply sunscreen, but I don’t think that would have had much effect on us, and in sometime I tanned like charcoal.
Initial terrain was rocky, some places were muddy, slippery ..Then after a walk for one hour, we were able to witness some trees, and we entered the foothills of nagala. Took some interim breaks there. After sometime, we witnessed a stream flowing. Kids started jumping into it. I thought that was the destination, and I felt, “Oops for this small stream, did we walk so much??”. By then someone said, no its just some 30% of walk, we need to walk further..We dipped our legs in the initial stream and it was refreshing.
Walked further, there were narrow trails, bumpy ones, slippery paths, rocky terrains..Whoever was beside me, I grabbed their hands and walked..One was commenting “ I think you will push me”..I also remember there was one guy, with grey t-shirt, I don’t know his name..He really had a difficult time with me, I was taking his help often on slippery paths. I was making him slow as well..He would help me , then march forward..but his bad fate, often had to encounter me ..thanks to that unknown person ..March, march, march..finally we reached the was worth the walk..very very pleasant and cool waters welcomed us..Din take much of time to jump into it..swimmers helped the non swimmers ..I used the rubber tyres and tried floating ..was successful to an extent ..after splashing in water for sometime, we were damn hungry..We were given parcels of lemon and cud rice..That was like a heavenly delight..Spent time sitting on the rocks and chatting..Next thought came in my mind- “how will I walk back?”..No other go..have to do..but return was much more pleasant..In fact took us less time..Took some sanps here and there..Tilak, peter, sudhir uncle, balaji are some of the names I remember. Tilak would encourage me, “common, its easy..jump, jump”…such a great ppl with great can learn what really modesty is from CTC guys..It was indeed a great break for me..Finally we assembled near the cars..Sunita dugar, offered me some buns..I was in a state, where I would eat anything edible..finally said good bye to all, and started..I got down at some point near my home..back to home, sweet home..:)


Premkumar said...

2 alarms :)
sounds wonderfuuuuuuuuuuuul ...

central polytechnic said...

Nice narration, i was so involved in reading it,and felt as if i was in the trip.
keep writing..